Let’s Petal It Forward
On October 19

Next Wednesday, October 19, FTD will be taking part in the Society of American Florists’ (SAF) Petal It Forward event! Florists across the nation are encouraged to help share how flowers make a positive impact on both our work productivity and emotional state.

This is the second year that SAF has sponsored the event, which is based on the “pay it forward” idea. Participants pass out two bouquets to passersby, one to keep and one for the recipient to gift to a stranger or friend. They are then encouraged to share how they “Petaled It Forward” by sharing a picture on social media and tagging it #PetalItForward.

According to a 2015 SAF study, 88 percent of Americans reported that giving flowers makes them feel happy, while 80 percent reported that receiving flowers made them happy. Petal It Forward accomplishes both of these goals!

How to Petal It Forward 2016: Jennifer Sparks, VP Marketing SAF

To learn more about Petal It Forward and download resources for promoting your own event, including sample press releases, social media messages and more, visit the SAF website at safnow.org/petalitforward/. You can also view a list of other flower shops in your area that are holding events.

Do you have any plans for Petal It Forward? If so, tell us in the comments section below!


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