9th Annual FTD Makeover Magic Florist Winner: Roth Florist in Lafayette, IN, a 101 Year FTD Member

We believe the impact of a shop’s appearance matched with incredible customer service can make all the difference when boosting business. That’s why FTD works to bring dream showrooms to life with our annual Makeover Magic contest. Whether it’s an updated store layout, new fixtures or innovative product displays, we choose one lucky shop each year to help bring business to new levels with a fresh look created by visual merchandising experts.

Normally, J. Keith White AIFD, FTD Education Consultant & lead visual designer, executes the full makeover. However, due to constraints with COVID and other commitments, FTD Education Consultant Ian Prosser AIFD took over the reign making Keith’s vision a reality.

Hear about the ninth annual Makeover Magic contest with Roth Florist.

Keith White AIFD, FTD Education Consultant & lead visual designer

Why was Roth Florist selected as the recipient of the makeover?

The final selection of Roth Florist as the winner of the FTD Makeover Magic was based on the application submitted along with photos. The owner, Stephen Clawson, was open to change at the top of the scale. A very important factor when selecting the winning shop. The store combines traditional floristry along with vintage / antique items and furnishings. The store has a historical downtown location in a college town, the perfect combination for an updated use of space and merchandising. The store has great windows and overall layout for a perfect merchandising makeover. Many areas of the store were underutilized for maximum consumer impact and engagement which will lead to increased sales and interest in merchandise.


How was the execution of this makeover different from year’s past?

The execution of this makeover differed from the past due to COVID restrictions last fall. The initial site inspection was delayed and then unable to complete in person. The owner closely worked with me on all the additional photos, videos and precise measurements to determine the best layout with new and existing fixtures to maximize the space, flow and merchandising.

As the seasons passed along with several holidays because of COVID delays, the original thoughts continued to change with the final layout. However, the original plan was always to have flexibility for adaptation and change once the makeover is complete for each store.

What was the biggest challenge to overcome with this year’s makeover?

The biggest challenge to overcome with the Roth Florist makeover was to have a window of opportunity to complete the “magic”. Once the final window/dates were established the process started with ordering new items and the selection of the best team to send to Lafayette, IN. Designers Ian Prosser AIFD and Pete Samek AIFD went to Indiana for the onsite installation along with FTD Marketing Events Specialist Janet Justus.

A big thanks to Roth Florist and the FTD Makeover Team for a successful transformation of my vision, inspiration board and drawings to complete the actual magic that happened once again!

Ian Prosser AIFD, FTD Education Team and lead on-site designer

How was your first makeover experience?

I loved being involved and improving the look of Roth Florist. The streamlined finish created better traffic patterns and allowed for an appreciation of the merchandise, which they have a LOT of!

It was fun to color block and create destinations for the eye. We essentially chose one room to display the antiques and another room for the fresh flowers and plants. Keith’s choice of fixtures was perfect.

We had to reshuffle things as there had been some pieces that were permanently attached to the walls and had bump-out electrical boxes that didn’t allow the placement as originally planned. Flexibility on-site is key for the makeover!

What kind of challenges did you face on-site?

The store had lots of LARGE pieces of furniture that we were continuously moving to make room for other things because the space was on the smaller side. We got in a workout!

What type of feedback did you receive from the florist and any customers that may have come in when you were there?

Stephen and his wife Patty were just thrilled which was ideal, as we were finding items in storage and incorporating them into the displays. He loved that we created the separate shopping areas. His BIG concern was that we’d remove a lot of the larger antique pieces. I assured him we weren’t there to change the look of his business but improve it instead.

By the end, the window displays had people stopping and taking photos which is always a great sign. Stephen was delighted when it all came together with an improved, streamlined look.


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