New Year, New Business Goals

The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to evaluate the previous year’s success and set goals for the year ahead. Below, the FTD Florist Quality team shares their recommendations on how to set yourself up for a prosperous year filled with delighted customers.

Long-Term Goals

Keep up on current trends by attending at least two professional conferences each year, such as state floral conventions. Our team suggests attending classes on flower and plant quality and longevity, flower trends and business practices. All of these topics and more are covered at FTD Boot Camp!


Financial review
Take a deep dive into your spending and purchasing practices by reviewing statements, invoices and payroll for all employees. Keep track of monthly sales to plan future purchases and staffing needs, especially around the holidays. Vet your existing inventory and push sales on old inventory, rotating seasonally.

Plan your marketing strategies and search for opportunities to become involved with your community. Establish and maintain an active presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and work to plan content in advance so you’re not wracking your brain for ideas. Visit FTDi.com/localmarketing to download ready-made social media content.


Set specific monetary goals, such as increasing sales by X percent or decreasing overhead by X percent, then work toward them. Examine the fresh cut flower standing order programs offered by your wholesalers to optimize lower stem costs and reduce buying product at higher market prices. If you aren’t utilizing recipes already, set them for every arrangement/product you create and sell, including wedding and sympathy designs, then train and educate your staff on them.


Investing in updated technology tools can help your business grow. If your point of sale system doesn’t perform all of the tasks that your business requires, start making a plan to upgrade it. FTD Member Florists who have the Mercury Point of Sale system can download the Mercury Mobile app, which allows you to perform real-time delivery confirmations and capture delivery details and photographs. Last but not least, take a look at your shop’s website and ensure it is up-to-date and user-friendly.

Daily/Weekly Goals

Store presentation
Your store should be clean, well-stocked, inviting and seasonally appropriate. Research new floral hygiene products and best practices for cleaning work areas, coolers, buckets and utensils and be sure all tools are in working order.

Ensure that your staff is up to date on current sales and pricing and that they are handling stems properly, using the correct amount of flower food and checking cooler temperatures regularly. To avoid any unnecessary fees, review all FTD policies and procedures with your staff, including any delivery personnel. Also check that drivers are educated in proper care and handling of flowers, the importance of outdoor and delivery van temperatures, and when to leave an arrangement behind and when to bring it back to the store.qualitystarflorist

Looking for more quality-driven information to help your shop thrive? Visit FTDi.com/Quality.


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