Big Profits on the Big Day. How to Build Winning Proposals with Curate

Behind every beautiful wedding is a team of anxiety-ridden event planners and florists— but it doesn’t have to be this way! Once streamlined through Curate, weddings can become a significant pillar of your business, bringing in substantial revenue and freeing up more time for day-to-day operations at your shop.

With Curate, the easy-to-use wedding proposal software through FTD, you’re able to save time and cut costs by consolidating all the information in one place. This simplifying software can organize your client’s dream ceremony with interactive proposals you can rely on.

Save Time

What happens if the bride changes her mind about roses last minute? No problem. Typically, you’d have to go back to the proposal and manually configure the new costs, recipes, and more. With Curate, the changes are easier to make and better accommodate the flexibility required in event planning.

You’ll also cut down on labor costs when you automate your practices. When you use software like Curate, you’re taking a process that generally lasts 7-9 hours, and cutting it down to about 3 hours, says Michael White, Director of Membership Relations at FTD.

The Professional Touch

A clean, professional proposal is something worth bragging about. This highly customizable software allows you to add your branding like logos, colors and more to stick out from the bunch. With the speed and professionalism of Curate, some users have reported increasing their on-the-spot bookings by 400%.

The usability of the software is helpful for clients, too. Clients can review and sign proposals on their smartphone, desktop, or personal device. This also makes it easier for eager couples to show off their wedding plans to friends and family.

Simplifying the Details

All the tedious, time-consuming tasks can be simplified with the help of Curate. Using the stem count calculator, you can price out each item in your proposal with just a few clicks. Not only will it save you time, but it makes it even easier for your supplier to know just exactly what you need.

Accuracy helps make you more money. With Curate COGS, you’re able to generate a more accurate report of what the event is costing you, so you can be sure you know the profit you’ll make all the way down to the penny. That way, when you toss in specific freebies to make their wedding day special, you’ll be able to know just how much it costs you in the end.

Make Billing a Breeze

FTD allows you to bill your Curate membership directly to your Clearinghouse Statement. If you were to sign up directly through the Curate website, you’d have to pay the annual membership fee upfront. With FTD, you are billed on a monthly cycle.

To make your wedding business more profitable and efficient, reach out to your FTD Field Account Manager for a demo today.


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