Makeover Magic 2017:
Celebrating a Family Legacy

Keith, owner Herb Rothe III and Herb’s wife, Cheryl, shared their thoughts once the transformation was complete.

FTD: Why did you choose to enter the Makeover Magic contest?

Herb Rothe: I saw the email from FTD and forwarded to Cheryl. She emailed back and said, “Let’s do it!”
Cheryl Rothe: For years, I’ve wanted different fixtures and we knew it needed to be changed. We just weren’t able to do it.

FTD: Keith, what were your goals with this makeover?

Keith White: My goal was to help them thrive in a current marketplace. The environment was so different when the shop was founded 109 years ago. I wanted to create an environment that is inviting and comfortable for browsing and shopping. The choice of fixturing was really crucial to visually increase the square footage, including their vertical footprint.

FTD: What are you hoping the long-term result of the transformation will be?

HR: I want the long-term result to change the way we look at displaying merchandise in the store. That’s one of the big things we wanted to change. We needed ideas.
KW: To inspire the Rothes to continue to make changes that will help them over the long term, including modifying areas of the store for more efficient work and sales. I also hope they are able to increase repeat customers and honor a historical local shopping experience.

FTD: What do you like most about the makeover?

HR: The new fixtures. It’s an open feeling. We have a small space and a lot of merchandise to put out. The fixtures really help do that. Some of the shop fixtures had been here since 1955 and really limited what we could do here. It was time.
KW: I think it’s actually the overall outcome of the entire makeover. We created a visual window that draws people into a new sales area.

FTD: What advice would you give to next year’s winner?

HR: We went into this with a 100 percent open mind. We were a blank slate. That would be my recommendation for any future winners. It’s your chance to really make a difference and the only way I can see to do is to go into it with an open mind. I’m blessed to have this happen. It’s a really wonderful thing.

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