Indiana Flower Shop Wins 2018 Makeover Contest

Maggie and Moe’s Poplar Flowers & Décor owners Greg and Molly Barrett purchased the Terra Haute business less than one year ago and immediately had a vision for growing their new business. When Molly entered the FTD Makeover Magic contest, she stated that her goal is “to drive more traffic into the flower shop by creating a warm and inviting showroom, which showcases all of our flowers and gifts.” As the winner of the contest, her vision is now a reality with the expert help of FTD Education Consultant J. Keith White AIFD. FTD sat down with Molly and Keith to learn more about their experience working together to transform the flower shop.

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FTD: Why did you choose to enter the Makeover Magic contest?

MB: As a new shop owner, we’ve been working to change the look and feel of the shop to create a warm and inviting environment for customers. Entering the Makeover Magic contest was another way to utilize the expertise of FTD to assist us in reaching our goals.

FTD: What are you hoping the long-term result of the transformation will be?

MB: Probably the biggest goal will be to create a destination for people to come and shop instead of picking up the phone to order flowers. And, of course, more people in the shop means more people buying and increasing sales!
KW: Another goal was to create an inviting and flexible sales area that included a central consultation space. So, the design room was moved to be more open to allow the designers to interact with customers. Now, customers can walk in and see beautiful pre-made fresh and silk designs and customized designs in progress. My makeover motto? “Stay a while.”

FTD: What change did you like most about the makeover?

MB: Probably the biggest change is moving the design space to an open concept. The designers are more involved with the customers and everyone seems to love it!
KW: I have so many favorites. I love the total cohesiveness of the final result!

FTD: What advice would you give to next year’s winner?

MB: Be open to change and willing to listen to all the advice that is given. And make sure you have plenty of help on hand to assist you in the transformation.

FTD: What has been the response from your employees and customers about the makeover?

MB: Employees and customers love all of the updates! The front showroom is so warm and inviting…people just want to sit at our conversation table and visit. The designers seem so happy and engaged with customers and arrangements.



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