8 Ways to Get Social at Your Holiday Open House

While mailers, store signs and ads help to promote an open house, the most cost-effective and efficient way to advertise an event is digitally. But, be sure to expand your digital horizons beyond emails and your website. Social media provides the perfect tools to get the word out – it’s free, immediate, interactive and current.

If you don’t have a social presence, an upcoming open house is the perfect reason to create one. These are the most popular social media platforms: social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), media sharing sites (Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat) and others (Pinterest).

Here are a few step-by-step strategies to promote an upcoming open house through social media and help you ring in the holiday season.

Develop a social media schedule.

Gather all your information: date, time, what will be happening during your open house, etc. You may want to start posting a few weeks prior to your open house, and then once daily the week of the event.

Create an events page.

This can be done on Facebook or your website, and include a link to these pages in other social media posts. Including an RSVP helps you gage how many people might attend. People are also more committed to showing up if they RSVP. Be sure to include photos of your past holiday work that promotes your capabilities. Pretty floral pictures also help to attract attention and create added interest.

It’s a good time for sharing.

In your posts, encourage customers to share, which will help attract more followers. And, check if your local town or chamber of commerce would be willing to share your posts on their social media platforms.

Consider including a raffle or contest.

If your open house will include any type of raffle, you may want to also promote that on your social media platforms. Any shares would earn the person a bonus entry and help to spread the word about the open house and your business. This also provides a way for people to participate, even if they are unable to attend your open house.

Be sure to monitor your social media accounts.

You can clarify any details or clear up any confusion by addressing questions or responding to comments. If you don’t seem to be getting many views, likes or shares, you may want to place an ad on Facebook or Instagram, where you can target your customers and increase your reach (facebook.com/business).

Livestream on a platform like Facebook Live.

It serves as a reminder to people that the open house is currently going on, and may encourage them to attend. This is especially effective if you have activities going on or live entertainment—something that is very visual or enticing.

Be sure to take photos of the event.

If you have time, you can post some photos during the event as another reminder that it is taking place. In addition, it’s worthwhile to post afterwards, as it is another way to gain exposure and most importantly, to thank customers who did come to the open house. It may also prompt someone who was not able to attend to come to one of your special events in the future.

Posts shouldn’t end when the event does.

Other than posting photos, another way to follow-up after the event is to post an article on Facebook or your website, and include a recorded live-stream if applicable. You can address any questions people may have asked during the event and reiterate what services you are offering during the holiday season.

“Socializing” with your customers is more than face-to-face meetings. It now includes interacting and communicating with them on various social media platforms—providing an easy way to stay in touch, offer information and increase customer service. Here’s to getting social and to a successful holiday season! Cheers!