Unlock the Power of Live Chat: Your Essential Tool for Exceptional Customer Connections

FTD is excited to share with you an incredible feature on Mercury Online (MOL) that will change how you engage with your customers: live chat. And guess what? It’s completely FREE and seamlessly integrated into the MOL platform, powered by Shopify!

What Exactly is Live Chat and Why Do You Need It?  

Live chat is your secret weapon for real-time communication with your customers. It’s like having a personal assistant right at your fingertips, offering instant responses and personalized interactions that are crucial for keeping your customers happy and closing sales on the spot.  

Florist Benefits of Live Chat 

Boost Conversions: By addressing customer queries promptly, live chat can lead to a 4-8x increase in conversions. That’s more sales for your floral business!  

Higher Purchase Likelihood: Customers who engage with live chat are three times more likely to make a purchase. It’s like having a friendly salesperson greeting them and guiding them through their online buying journey.  

Happy Customers: Nearly 90% of customers find live chat super useful for having meaningful conversations. It’s all about building those strong customer relationships!  

Efficiency Boost: With live chat, one team member can handle multiple queries, and choose the duration you are “live” on chat, saving you time and reducing the need for extra staff. You can set the hours which you want to be available for chats.   

Insights Galore: Dive into chat transcripts and analytics to refine your customer interactions. Learn what your customers love and how to make their experience even better.  

Stay Ahead of the Competition: Offering live chat gives you an instant communication advantage over other florist competitors who don’t have this feature. It’s the modern way to quickly connect with your customers. 

Features You’ll Love 

  • Customize settings like business hours and automatic replies for efficient management – 70% of these conversations are with customers making a purchase decision.  
  • Keep track of sales and access customer profiles with chat history and analytics. Gain insights to focus on how to use chat to convert sales for your business.  
  • Speed up communication with instant answers and quick replies using pre-written responses and FAQs to make customers feel welcomed and heard. 
  • Stay connected on the go, receiving push notifications with mobile app integration using Shopify’s Inbox app for timely responses.  

Mercury Online’s live chat feature is a game-changer for your floral business as it can boost sales, enhance customer service experiences, and provide a competitive edge. Explore the possibilities of live chat on the Mercury Online platform today! Learn more here