Together We Grow Spotlight on Flower Exchange Sales Representative Sonia Reynoso

Together we grow. Working together for mutual benefit is the foundation of how we believe our partnership with florist partners will be most successful. In an upcoming series of articles, FTD will sit down with various associates that work behind the scenes to ensure that the programs, services and experiences a florist has with FTD are exceptional.

We recently chatted with Sonia Reynoso, Sales Representative, Fresh Flowers Team, to learn more about her and why she loves to go above and beyond for customers. For over 16 years, Sonia has helped FTD florists purchase the world’s finest, freshest flowers from premium growers through the FTD© Flower Exchange. Read on to learn more about Sonia and how she and the Fresh Flowers Team help FTD shop owners manage their buying and logistics. On a day-to-day basis, the team also works to offer competitive pricing and serve as an additional resource for fresh flower needs.

Help Me to Help You!
Sonia is someone who sees all the possibilities in any given situation, both in her professional and personal life. There are three “C’s” that guide her each day — changes, challenges and choices. When pausing and looking at these three from a broader perspective, she knows that we truly control the outcome of each. With that, her philosophy is, “Never say never.”

How do you use your expertise to help florists?

Over the years, I have been able to gain so much of my fresh flower knowledge from colleagues and members. I am able to help florists by giving them a better understanding of how the Flower Exchange can work for them. Many times, they have never purchased flowers other than through local wholesalers. By explaining FTD’s large supply chain, it helps them see the similarities to what they currently use as well as the many added advantages. Our website offers so many different products and we are constantly putting together ideas on new offers that are suitable for every member.

What is your goal for members?

Ultimately, I work to gain the trust from our FTD members. I have been very fortunate in the professional relationships I have built with many members for a large part of my career at FTD. Having that trust sets the foundation of a business partnership that both parties can build on.

What is your top tip for florists?

Help me to help you! When a member shares some insight into their business, it allows me to better understand their fresh flower needs. We all experience change. For many shops, being open to a different way of buying fresh flowers from FTD has been the best change they’ve made for their business.

What are you most proud of in regards to your work at FTD?

I am thrilled to be working with such a great team. Our department has allowed me to grow in my own interpersonal skills and I’ve learned so much from my colleagues. We are constantly seeking better ways to execute and grow our business. All of this has given me the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in my business relationships with our member florists. Being able to voice ideas and individual challenges has allowed me to find solutions for those members that are depending on me to provide the excellence they expect from their FTD fresh flower sales representative.

What makes you go the extra mile for customers?

When speaking to members, sending an email or interacting with my coworkers, I remind myself that I am a representative of FTD. I feel that this is so important as one is a mirror reflection of FTD’s past, present and future. Many florists have been members with FTD much longer than my career here. I see this as a beautiful opportunity to be able engage with florists and continue to grow alongside them. Ultimately, we are all looking for the same outcome — success.

What do you like most about working for FTD?

I enjoy working for a company that has given me the opportunity to help grow the business. Looking back to when I first started in my department to where it’s at now, I am so honored to have been and continue to be a part of the changes we’ve implemented in order to carry out the success of our fresh flower business.

What makes you tick personally and professionally? 

When I don’t know or I’m unsure about something in my life or my profession, I’m driven to find the answers. I want to ensure that I have the knowledge needed to be able to perform my job duties, as well as carry out what’s expected of me on a personal level as a parent and spouse.

What do you like most about this industry?

Being in this industry has been such a fun experience. I appreciate the diversity and I’m excited that it is, in fact, essential. Flowers deliver emotion, a sentiment, an expression; to imagine the distance traveled on every single stem chosen for a floral arrangement carries a story in itself. Flowers can be life changing!

Do you have a favorite flower?

Roses are my favorite flower. There are so many colors to choose from, yet each color can deliver a different emotion each time.

Together We Grow
FTD is continuing to grow and make changes. Our ultimate objective is to focus on the success of our members by identifying opportunities and providing the tools to help them achieve their goals. We want to improve your business and create exceptional customer experiences to grow the floral industry. We are excited to get back to our heritage and focus on our floral businesses – just like we did more than a century ago. When we collaborate with our Florist Partners, we are working towards our mutually beneficial success.


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