Celebrating a Century of Excellence: Garrison Hill Florist

FTD is proud to spotlight Garrison Hill Florist, a cherished member of our network for over 100 years. Since joining FTD in 1921, Garrison Hill Florist has been a cornerstone of the Dover, NH community, exemplifying resilience, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to customer service.

In recognition of their remarkable milestone, FTD’s Field Account Manager, Alicia Farr, recently presented Garrison Hill Florist with a plaque commemorating their 100 years of service. This honor highlights their longstanding contributions and dedication to the floral industry.

A Rich History

The story of Garrison Hill Florist is deeply rooted in family and tradition. The journey began with Tom’s great uncle, who originally owned the florist and greenhouse. After a family tragedy in England, Tom’s father was sent to live with his uncle and eventually purchased the business from his estate. Tom followed in his father’s footsteps, taking over the shop and continuing the family legacy.

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout its century-long history, Garrison Hill Florist has faced numerous challenges, including a devastating flood that destroyed 12 greenhouses and the florist shop. Undeterred, the family rebuilt with a single greenhouse before eventually moving to their current location, adapting to the evolving floral industry.

A Hub of Community and Craftsmanship

Tom has not only maintained a beautiful shop but has also fostered a culture of training and mentorship. Many of Tom’s apprentices have gone on to open their own successful florists in nearby locations. This spirit of community support extends beyond floristry; Garrison Hill Florist proudly features New Hampshire-based products like Van Otis Chocolates, strengthening local ties.

Thriving Through Change

Despite the challenges, Garrison Hill Florist continues to thrive, thanks to Tom’s exceptional customer service and his ability to adapt to industry trends. The shop’s vibrant entrance, adorned with beautiful flowerpots, welcomes customers into a bright, colorful space where they are greeted by Tom himself.

Looking Ahead

Tom’s vision for the future is simple yet profound: continue doing what he does best while staying open to new trends and innovations. His commitment to excellence and community support ensures that Garrison Hill Florist will remain a beloved institution in Dover, NH, for years to come.

At FTD, we are honored to celebrate the enduring legacy of Garrison Hill Florist and their century-long contribution to the floral industry. Here’s to many more years of blooming success!


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