Birth Month Flowers Make
Extra-Meaningful Bouquets

You know your astrological sign and your birthstone, but do you know your birth month flower? As a florist, this knowledge can help you create birthday bouquets that are not only lovely but meaningful as well.

The next time your customers are looking for the perfect way to celebrate that special someone’s birthday, suggest a bouquet featuring their loved one’s birth month flower. (It doesn’t hurt to mention that birth flowers are typically less expensive than birthstones!)

Check out the gallery below for the symbolism behind each birth month flower!

January:  Carnation

Symbolism: Fascination and intrigue

February:  Violet

Symbolism: Faith, wisdom and hope

March:  Daffodil

Symbolism: Rebirth and rejuvenation

April:  Daisy

Symbolism: Carefree innocence

May:  Lily of the Valley

Symbolism: Happiness, humility, sweetness.

June:  Rose

Symbolism: Love and beauty

July:  Delphinium

Symbolism: Infinite possibilities

August:  Gladiolus

Symbolism: Strength and sincerity

September:  Aster

Symbolism: Love and patience

October:  Marigold

Symbolism: Passion and creativity

November:  Chrysanthemum

Symbolism: Optimism and joy

December:  Narcissus

Symbolism: Sweetness, self-esteem, vanity


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