Use Current Trends to Captivate and Capture Customers

On February 23, FTD hosted “Stay On-Trend to Capture Customers,” a complimentary webinar presented by J. Keith White AIFD, the creative director of American Floral Trends Forecast 2016-2017. Keith is also an FTD Education Consultant.

As the webinar got underway, Keith explained how the four featured trends were selected. The forecasting team spent a year examining the latest and greatest in the home furnishing and fashion industries.

“We looked at shows in Europe and America and asked ourselves, ‘How does this translate into the floral industry?’” Keith said. “What is grown locally, what is being produced, what new varieties are available?”

The team then considered flower types, arrangement styles, color palettes, containers, accessories and more when creating the forecast. The ultimate goal is to help florists select, design and merchandise products with greater knowledge and ultimately increased profitability. As Keith put it, “Knowledge is profit.”

Keith then broke down each of the four trends featured in the forecast, Luxe Avenue, Park Manor, Pearl Lane and Casa Tropicana.


Luxe Avenue
This artful, sophisticated trend exemplifies high-end urban elegance and formality tempered with comfortable casualness that is in harmony with today’s lifestyles. It incorporates full-chroma colors inspired by citrus and berries, ranging from vivid red-violets, reds and pinks to red-oranges, oranges, salmons and corals. Accent colors include apple green, lemongrass, violet and white. The most prominent metallic is gold.

Featured botanicals: The primary florals used in Luxe Avenue are full, lush, exuberant and voluptuous, including artisan roses, dahlias, cushion gerberas, hydrangeas, miniature calla lilies, phalaeonopsis orchids, pincushion, bupleurum and boxwood.

The FTD® Beyond Brilliant™ Luxury Bouquet
The FTD® Brightly Bejeweled™ Bouquet
The FTD® Orange Escape™ Bouquet


Park Manor
This style embraces classic patterns, shapes and designs from around the world. Stained glass also serves as an inspiration. The featured colors include the blue family, which is largely used in the background, as well as warm yellows and both creamy and bright neutrals. Metallics include iron, bronze and gold.

Featured botanicals: Botanicals include fresh picks from the garden and countryside, including hybrid delphinium, oriental lilies, tulips, sunflowers, antique hydrangea, ornamental grasses, produce, garden roses, orchids, branches and vines.

The FTD® Desert Skies™ Luxury Bouquet
The FTD® Cottage Garden™ Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens®
The FTD® Botanical™ Bouquet


Pearl Lane
Pearl Lane takes on multiple personalities, from homespun and casual to fun and funky to formal and elegant. It has a retro/vintage feel and incorporates muted, washed out, almost neutral colors, including the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, as well as blush pink, aqua, sky blue, mint green, frost white and shell gray. Accent colors include pale lavender, buttery yellow and yellow-green with low-luster or aged silver, platinum or pewter as metallics.

Featured botanicals: Think rose quartz and all dusty, muted shades of pink and blue with gray accents. Hybrid lilies, parrot tulips, hydrangeas, stocks, garden roses, spray roses, gerberas, and Dusty Miller are in perfect harmony with this look.

The FTD® Pure Opulence™ Luxury Bouquet
The FTD® Pink Poise™ Bouquet
The FTD® Perfect Day™ Bouquet for Kathy Ireland Home


Casa Tropicana
Casa Tropicana is bold and energetic, reflecting the vibrancy of tropical Latin American cultures. Think Havana meets Hawaii and Haight-Ashbury. The featured colors are fully saturated reds, purples and teals with black as the neutral. Accent colors include brilliant orange, yellow and green.

Featured botanicals: Mix is crucial to this look. Gerberas, zinnias, orchids, sunflowers, hybrid tea roses, succulents, miniature calla lilies and stock are perfect.

The FTD® Defining Moments™ Luxury Bouquet
The FTD® Spring Tulip Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens®
The FTD® Sunlit Meadows™ Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens®


Putting It Together
How can you translate these trends for your own use? Keith recommends examining lifestyle and element photographs to see how merchandise is brought together and then create similar staging in your shop. You could also utilize the color palettes in your wedding season work. Pearl Lane would work especially well for this.

Keith’s advice is to “Ask yourself who you are as a shop.” If your customer base or your look are very specific, perhaps some trends won’t work as well for you. If that’s the case, it’s important to stay true to yourself.

On the other hand, if your look and customer base are more diverse, you should be able to enjoy each trend. Utilize items that you already have in your shop, or consider making a few small purchases. Group items together in vignettes around your shop and consider bringing in backdrops or temporarily changing your wall colors to really make the items pop. If your shop has a website, you might also consider grouping items together by trend on your site as well.

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar but would like to view a recording, please click here. To view the full lineup of FTD webinars and register for future events, click here.


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