It’s Easy Loving Green

Kermit the Frog might have bemoaned being green, but we happen to think it’s pretty great—when it comes to flowers, that is. With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to embrace green blooms (and remind your customers that carrying something green out of your store should keep them safe from pinches!).

In addition to being the go-to color for St. Patrick’s Day, green is also on-trend. According to the 2016-2017 American Floral Trend Forecast, for which FTD Education Team member J. Keith White AIFD provided creative direction, green is predicted to be featured prominently in shades of spring green, sprout, prairie grass and chartreuse in the coming year and beyond.

Looking for inspiration? We’ve assembled the following list of popular green blooms and FTD floral designs that feature them.

Green Cymbidium Orchid

Notes: Typically a zesty lime shade
Get inspired by: The FTD® Vision™ Luxury Orchid Bouquet

Green Roses

Notes: Symbolize hope & optimism, available tinted or naturally pale green
Get inspired by: The FTD® Lime-Licious™ Bouquet

Green Carnations

Notes: Available in shades ranging from pale mint to vibrant emerald
Get inspired by: The FTD® Color Your Day With Joy™ Bouquet

Bells of Ireland

Notes: Slightly fragrant, symbolize luck
Get inspired by: The FTD® Illuminate™ Luxury Bouquet

Green Alstroemeria

Notes: Can last as long as two weeks in a vase
Get inspired by: The FTD®Loving Thoughts™ Bouquet

Green Anthurium

Notes: Shiny green heart-shaped foliage, popular in tropical arrangements
Get inspired by: The FTD® Hopeful Promises™ Luxury Bouquet

Green Chrysanthemum Pompons

Notes: Great for use as filler flowers because of their diverse sizes and shapes
Get inspired by: The FTD® Botanical™ Bouquet

Green Dendrobium Orchids

Notes: Multiple blooms on each stem
Get inspired by:The FTD® Luminous™ Luxury Orchid Bouquet

Green Fuji Mum

Notes: Sometimes referred to as spider mums
Get inspired by: The FTD® Well Done™ Bouquet

Green Hydrangea

Notes: Symbol of gratefulness and heartfelt feelings
Get inspired by: The FTD® Dawning Delight™ Bouquet by Vera Wang

Green Hypericum

Notes: Associated with happiness & creativity, also known as St. John’s Wort
Get inspired by: The FTD® Deep Emotions™ Bouquet

Green Kale/Ornamental Cabbage

Notes: Although edible, ornamental versions aren’t as tasty as their cousins
Get inspired by: The FTD® Finishing Touch™ Luxury Bouquet

Ready to stock your cooler? Contact the FTD Flower Exchange for great pricing on all of your green (and other hued) flower needs. The FX team can be reached at 800.788.9000.


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